Prodox CMS

With over 20 years experience within the medico-legal sector, we have an intricate understanding of the industry’s expectations. i-dox have been working closely with MRO’s and are now in a position to launch our market leading, medco compliant case management system for MRO’s called Prodox.

Prodox can deliver a high level of automation throughout the entire medical reporting process, from initial instruction through to the sending of the final report. Our system will save you time and has several features to ease the process and help you prioritise daily tasks. The speed, reliability and accuracy of your service is essential to attract and retain clients, Prodox is built for this purpose, allowing you to focus on delivering a high quality service.

Benefits of Prodox

  • medco compliant – current agencies benefitting from this system have passed their medco audits
  • integrated text and email notifications
  • debtors and payments due ledgers
  • medco upload notifications **
  • report quality check feature **
  • performance of experts **
  • performance of staff
  • invoicing
  • notifications to make validation checks for every expert **
  • ensure all SLA’s are met (solicitors and experts) with key performance stats **
  • user friendly and accessible worldwide
  • ISO compliant and secure servers
  • complaints log – **
  • integrated list of over 300 medco experts – optional
** Medco requirement

Further Information

The Prodox system can be purchased or licensed monthly, we offer unlimited user access within our package.

Why don’t you call us today for a free demonstration from one of our developers. If you would like further information for Prodox, please call us on 03333447866 or email