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Our services for your individual needs

We are aware of the intimidating task of managing your own personal injury claim, that’s why we can make the process straightforward and stress-free. We have the team of experts with several years of industry experience and a comprehensive panel of medical experts across the UK. We will find the right expert for you, providing you a local, convenient appointment depending on your postal code, travel distance, and availability. You can trust that our staff will be on hand to answer any questions and not only guide you but also provide support you need throughout the process.

We Will

Ensure that our correspondence is timely so your case can move forward without delay.

Arrange your medical examination with an independent and accredited medical expert such as a psychologist or an orthopaedic.

Monitor the progress of your medical report and make sure it is accurate and upto date.

We are here to help, however

We don’t take instructions directly from you, rather we take them from your solicitor or medical legal agency.

We don’t provide medical treatment, rather we help you schedule appointments with the medical expert.

We don’t provide psychological/orthopaedic therapies, rather we provide assessments/medical report.


“You won’t be alone, our team will guide you whenever and wherever you require our assistance.”

Timely Appointments
Schedule appointments across UK with real time online booking.

Convenient Locations
Search experts and clinics by postcode and distance travelled.

Extensive Availability
Unlimited access to all of our HCPC and GMC accredited experts.

Cost Effective
Receive medical report directly and reduce administration costs.

MOJ Compliant
Ministry of Justice compliant and court ready medical reports.

User Friendly
iDOX’s own seamless reporting software providing you easy report access.

Report Monitoring
Integrated report writing & case management system enabling you to track everything.

Easily Managed
User friendly system giving you full control over communication with claimants.

File Administration
Access to personalised dashboard giving you control over your files.

Structural Integrity
Medical reports, invoicing, everything on secure servers, that are backed up consistently.

Account Oversight
Easily create invoices and manage accounts on a seamless management system.

Quick Processing
Rapid turn-around of reports reducing the case workflow.

Worldwide Accessibility
Easily prepare a report within minutes and access it anywhere in the world.

Oversee Communication
Create profiles for each report produced while tracking any correspondences.