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Why iDOX

We offer a state-of-the-art online system with special integrated report writing to save you time and the most excellent convenience. Hence, this system has been piloted. Especially for medical experts and designed to increase productivity for the experts and overall a quick turn. Around if this is not enough, we will assist you with the recovery of your costs as well as administrative duties. Medical experts can book their clients via our system for a small fee per client.

We have a purpose-built case management system, which has been created to assist with daily tasks and workflow, leading to increased productivity.

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At iDOX, we boast of working with certified specialists in Orthopaedic and Clinical Psychology. Our medical liaison team continuously updates and manages our panel of experts database. Additionally, we monitor and review our panel of experts to ensure all information is accurate and up to date. Service levels are agreed upon with our experts to ensure a consistently high delivery standard. Our in-house medical team screened and vetted new applications to join the panel. With several years of experience and familiarity with different types of cases, you can have confidence that joining our panel will be the right decision.


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